Ola S1 Pro: MoveOS 3 Update

Tethering your smartphone and playing music was not enough for the blokes at Ola, patented AI model taking inputs from the frequency, amplitude and volume to control 8 lights on the scooter to make a party spot on the go kind of did it for them. The new MoveOS 3 came with a bevvy of improvements and new features and they work quite well, more on that further down the story.

The feature list runs as long as the scooter’s claimed range, and the rider can access all of it via a 7-inch touchscreen that relays necessary information, such as the speed, battery percentage, and odo to name a few. The MoveOS 3 claims that the touch response is now 28 per cent better than the previous update and I would second that. The dash can be changed to your liking, there are three attractive layouts to choose from – Eclipse, Bolt and Vintage.

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