QJMotor SRC 250 Review – Offset Chinese Strategy

The QJMotor SRC 250 is the manufacturer’s entry-level product and it also happens to be the most accessible parallel-twin motorcycle in India.

QJMotor SRC 250

Story: Joshua Varghese
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

For those who do not know, QJMotor is a Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer that bought Benelli to our shores a few years ago. Fast-forward to the present day and both these brands are retailed in the country by Adishwar Auto Ride India. However, this is the first time that QJMotor is officially joining our country’s two-wheeler market with its own products: SRC 250, SRV 300, SRK 400, and SRC 500. We rode the smallest motorcycle on offer to tell you what this most accessible QJMotor product feels like.

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