Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Tested Review – Royal Enfield’s Superstar

Some motorcycles are special. The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 is easily one of them. To gauge just how much, we tested it for months to bring you this detailed report.

Story: Joshua Varghese
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Cruising has to be fast yet effortless. Carrying speed for long distances in comfort without tiring man or machine; that is my definition of the word. To do that, an engine with more than one cylinder is essential. Royal Enfield began distilling that formula with the Lightning 535 and may just have perfected it with the Super Meteor 650. Dealerships have recently delivered the motorcycles booked during Rider Mania 2022 but the money keeps rolling in. It is the most premium Royal Enfield yet and it may just be the best motorcycle they have ever made. We have been using it every day for the past couple of months to bring you this comprehensive review.

If there is a textbook for designing a cruiser, Royal Enfield’s designers have certainly read it cover to cover because the Super Meteor has all the elements one would expect in such a motorcycle. In a market where middleweight cruisers have been scarce, the Super Meteor’s low-slung and shapely silhouette has already made an identity for itself, thanks partly to the 19-inch wheel at the front and the 16-inch one at the rear; the latter gets a wide tyre that adds to its cruiser credentials. This motorcycle draws one in with an LED headlight which sits atop the Showa USD fork and that is enough to prove it is as modern as it is retro, but there is more. In addition to throwing a beam that is strong enough to serve all cruising needs, the headlight unit also features adjustability; the kind one can do at home with a few simple tools. The 15.7-litre teardrop-shaped fuel-tank is done up in a nice dual-tone paint scheme (because this is the Tourer variant) and it proudly displays the latest Royal Enfield badge which appears to be a version of a meteor streaking across the sky; a nice touch, if I may say so. The curves continue along the side-panels and end in a nice, flowing tail-end that completes the retro theme with relevant lighting elements. The Super Meteor is rich in curves, is tastefully painted, and features metal panels throughout—what more may one expect of a cruiser?

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