Specification Comparison: Ather 450X, Ola S1 Pro, TVS iQube S, Chetak and Hero Vida V1 Pro

Today, electric scooters are a hot topic due to their many advantages. Since petrol has surpassed Rs 100/litre in India, fuel savings have gained maximum priority for commuters. Additionally, electric scooters have no tail-pipe emissions, which helps to preserve the environment. Tax subsidies from the government and other perks for businesses that participate in this environmental project also attract many people. Although the initial outlay is quite hefty, it promises to pay off in the long run. Have a look at the thorough specifications comparison of the top five electric scooters in India in 2023.

Technical Specifications

Model Name Ather 450X Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube S Chetak Hero Vida V1 Pro
Motor Type PMSM Mid Drive IPM BLDC Hub BLDC Hub PMSM
Battery Capacity (kW) 3.7 4.0 3.4 2.89 3.9
Power (kW) 6.2 8.5 4.4 4.8 6.0
Torque (Nm) 26 58 33 16 25
Range (km, claimed) 146 181 105 90 165
Top Speed (km/h) 80 116 83 80 80
Charging time (AC) 5 h 40 mins 6 h 30 mins 5 h 20 mins 4 h 45 mins 6 h 45 mins
Regen Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The Ola S1 Pro is the most powerful e-scooter here and makes 58 Nm of torque. Also, its top speed being 116 km/h, makes it much faster than the rest. The Ola S1 Pro also ensures a claimed range of 181 km which again is the longest among the rest.


Model Name Ather 450X Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube S Chetak Hero Vida V1 Pro
Riding Modes Warp, Sport, Ride, Eco, Smart Eco Eco, Normal, Sports, Hyper Eco, Power Eco, Sports Eco, Ride, Sport, Custom mode
Smartphone Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
External Speakers No Yes No No No
Keyless Ignition No Yes No Yes Yes
Smart Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reverse Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Type Touchscreen Touchscreen Non-touchscreen Non-touchscreen Touchscreen
Storage Volume (litres) 22 36 17 18 26

The S1 Pro’s enormous 36-litre storage capacity amply illustrates the advantage of installing the batteries in the floor of the vehicle. There is enough space inside for a laptop, business supplies, or groceries, even with the charger inside. It can fit two half-face helmets as well, although without the charger. With a storage capacity of 26 litres, the Vida V1 Pro has the second-largest storage capacity and is suitable for carrying daily necessities. The portable charger does, however, reduce the amount of cargo space that may be carried inside. Similar to the Ather, the huge portable charger in the Ather’s 22-litre trunk is just about enough to transport a few items.

The S1 Pro has a rather crisp touchscreen display, with plenty of information and controls for various functions. The Ather 450X is the other scooter here with a touchscreen display and we found it to be the most intuitive of the lot. It recently received a 2GB RAM upgrade that has improved responsiveness.

The iQube S’s new display is larger and crisper than before and using the iQube app, one can get calls, SMS alerts, Instagram notifications, control music being played via a headset and more.

One feature to be mention is the external speaker which is only present in the Ola S1 Pro. This feature can be used to play music and create a party environment anywhere you want with the combination of the headlamp and blinking indicators.


Model Name Ather 450X Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube S Chetak Hero Vida V1 Pro
Weight (kg) 111 125 118 132 124
Front suspension Telescopic fork Single telescopic tube Telescopic Leading link suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Symmetrically-mounted progressive monoshock Monoshock Adjustable hydraulic twin tube shock absorbers Monoshock Single shock absorber
Front brake Disc Disc Disc Disc Disc
Rear brake Disc Disc Drum Drum Drum
Front tyre 90/90-12,
110/70-12, tubeless 90/90-12,
90/90-12, tubeless 90/90-12, tubeless
Rear tyre 100/80-12,
110/70-12, tubeless 90/90-12,
100/90-12, tubeless 90/90-12, tubeless

Ola S1 pro is the only scooter here having the single telescopic tube at the front which makes it distinct from the others. A front disc is common in all the scooters. The Bajaj Chetak is the heaviest in the segment. All of these electric scooters are equipped with tubeless tyres.


Model Name Ather 450X Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube S Chetak Hero Vida V1 Pro
1.41 lakh 1.33 lakh 1.72 lakh 1.51 lakh 1.39 lakh

In terms of pricing, the Ola S1 Pro is the most accessible of the lot while the TVS iQube S is the most expensive.

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